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sandyh12.jpg (45285 bytes) 


Welcome to Sandy Hook Lighthouse, Located with in  Gateway National Recreation Area.

This Lighthouse has the distinction of  The Oldest Colonial Era Lighthouse In the USA.  Built in 1764  by Issac Conro and Constructed of  Rubble stone, the  85' tall Tower has withstood 236 years of weather and  the attempts  of Destruction  by American Forces  during the American Revolution. This tower Has an  octagonal  shape.

Although it is located in New Jersey, This Lighthouse was first known as the New York City Lighthouse because most of the money for construction  was  raised in New York . The money that was used to maintain this Lighthouse came from the Port of new York.

As stated earlier, American  Revolution Forces tried to Destroy this  lighthouse in the notion that this would stop the British from coming ashore at night. But as is evident in the photos on the next few pages this attempt was not successful. After the Revolution ended the lantern was repaired and put back into service.

 In 1852 the Lighthouse Board reported that it was one of the 3 best masonry Lighthouses in the United States The lantern used  until 1856, consisted of 18 Argand lamps and 21-inch reflectors. That same year the lighthouse Board installed a Third-Order Fresnel lens permitting the Lighthouse to serve a much broader purpose than as just an entrance light. at 88' above sea level the Light from this Lighthouse could be seen 15 miles off shore.

Little is known about the illumination of the colonial era. Lighthouse Historian's say that Whale oil was the primary source of Light in the lighthouses. Around 1790 spider lamps were introduced in the USA these were pans of oil and 4 or more wicks were used. In 1810 Winslow Lewis introduced the French Argand Lamp and Parabolic  Reflector to the U.S. Government. this system was being uses in Europe and consisted of a Hallow circular wick that allowed the flame to burn brighter and more intense with no smoke. As I stated earlier, this system was being used in Europe and it had the reputation of working quite well, but in the US that was not the case. The silver was applied to thin and wore out through repeated cleanings. Also the Metal used for the reflector was to flimsy and often bent out of shape.

Despite these drawbacks this system was used for 40 years.

For more on this Lighthouse Visit the New Jersey Lighthouse Society at the Link Below.

The New Jersey Lighthouse Society

My wife and I are members of the New Jersey Lighthouse Society

Funding was received for the Project and 

Work began back in September of 1999

As of today's date the restoration project is completed

Rededication of this Historic Lighthouse is slated for June of 2000. 

I will have some pictures to place here in the next week.

Keep coming back for more information.

More to follow

For Additional History 

Click Here

For pictures click Photo link below

Photo update



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