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I have always been fascinated with Lighthouses. As a child I spent many summers at my Aunts house in York Harbor Maine, Not far from Nubble Light. (seen in the sunset Photo above)

    Nubble Light (also known as Cape Neddick) is located off U.S.1A in York Beach, at the End of Nubble Road.

    Nubble was constructed on a little island, or Nubble, just off Cape Neddick. Consisting of Conicle Steel plating welded together, it stands 41' tall, but from it's high Vantage point on the small island, the light  achieves a focal plane 88' above the sea.

    I use to spend hours upon hours sitting on the rocks overlooking the jetty where the lighthouse sat. With that peace and solitude came a time to reflect, a time to organize thoughts and get lost in the sounds of the waves and seagulls overhead.

Time itself seemed to stand still. That way of life has been lost to the hustle and bustle of modern man. It is rare indeed that we take the time to really enjoy the beauty of the world around us.

    Lighthouses  appeal to everyone of all ages, in the days gone by , that appeal was on the Light keepers, who kept the lights burning, to warn the sailors of the Hazards of the sea. Today that appeal has turned to other aspects of the beacons.

    Today in addition to  the keepers and the risks they took to do there job, the fascination rests also on the Lighthouse Designs that give each lighthouse it's distinct traits and also for the historic periods of each lighthouse. Plus they look for the evolution of the Lighting, from oil and wicks to the First-Order Fresnel Lenses, Of which there 6 orders of Lenses.

For more information an Lighthouses you can visit the link's here

The National Lighthouse Center & Museum .

You can also visit My world Lighthouse Links Page. Here you can view Lighthouses from all over the World. Click the Link Below

Lighthouse Links  

  For A Lighthouse Cruise around Long Island Sound Visit this link Below. I Highly Recommend this Site. There is also Additional Cruises


For additional photos click this link Lighthouse Photos.

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